Lumhee Holot-Tee: The Art and Life of Acee Blue Eagle


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Internationally known artist Acee Blue Eagle represented a true enlightenment in the emanation of American Indian art. Blue Eagle was the first Indian artist to actively pursue a solo career as an artist, dependent upon his artwork for his livelihood. He traveled to England to lecture at Oxford University and while there met the young girl who would be future Queen of England. Blue Eagle, along with the Kiowa Five, represented the beginning of a major new movement in American Indian art. From his humble and tragic beginning in life, Blue Eagle emerged to become one of the most famous Indian artists of his time. He was well known not only as an artist, but as a dancer, performer, musician, writer, teacher, orator, and poet. With his colorful and vibrant personality, and love of art, Blue Eagle opened doors for all future Indian artists.

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