Radio Nights


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It is November, 1981. College researcher, Rocky Thompson comes to a small Oklahoma town hoping to interview the Indian Territory's last-surviving lawman and its greatest gunfighter, George Osmond. Joined by Tom Hayward, a local patrolman, they make a trip to the remote farmhouse where George is living out his final years. Rocky not only wants to meet George, but ask him about an immortal Seminole warrior thought to be still living since the days of Osceola. Initially, George sees no use in talking about the past. He does not want to talk about the warrior or anything else. Three weeks later, they return to George's farmhouse hoping for answers. Again, he is unsure if he wants to talk. It's not only the warrior's story he can share, but a lifetime of lawman memories. George warns Rocky that some memories are better left alone. Why doesn't he want to talk about the past? What's in the past that he wants to stay in the past?

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