Warrior Forgotten


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It was late September 1967. It was just another ordinary morning and the chilled air from the night still lingered. Corporal Gene Cully settled down with his morning coffee and began his daily routine in Vietnam. In an instant, Cully found himself in the midst of one of the worst firefights near the DMZ, providing cover fire to help save wounded Marines without regard for his own safety. In Warrior Forgotten, Cully recalls the extraordinary accomplishments of Golf Company, Second Battalion, Fourth Marine Regiment during the firefight. For his heroic efforts, Cully was recommended for the Navy Cross, but never received this high military honor. After all these years, Cully still wonders about the missing documents concerning the recommendation and elusive medal. Cully was inspired to share his perspective of Vietnam because of the courageous, loyal, and dedicated men who sacrificed their lives so others could survive. Throughout the book, Cully draws parallels between his Native American culture and that of the Vietnamese people as he shares about his time in Vietnam. When Cully’s service was up, he re-enlisted for another tour of duty, which eventually led to a career in the military. Cully retired with the rank of first sergeant after more than twenty-three years of honorable and faithful service. Cully and his wife, Maribeth, were married in 1991. They are happily retired and live in Texas.

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