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Two pieces from the Seminole Signatures Collection.

Our Current Exhibition

Seminole Signatures

The “Seminole Signatures” exhibition is currently open at the museum until June 15th, 2024. The art in “Seminole Signatures” comes from the museum’s permanent collection, featuring 40 pieces of artwork from over 20 artists of Seminole descent.

Holiday Bazaar

Fundraisers & Events

The 50th Annual Holiday Bazaar

The 50th annual Holiday Bazaar will be held on Friday, November 15th at the museum.  As the main fundraiser for the Seminole Nation Museum, the Holiday Bazaar is a kick-off to the holiday season. Guests can indulge in our famous cheese apples, as well as shop among a variety of seasonal decorations, handcrafts, and other unique goodies.

If you would like to donate to the Seminole Nation Museum’s Holiday Bazaar, please click here.

Wewoka High School Alumni Art Show

What’s New?

Wewoka High School Alumni Art Show

The Alumni Art Show will be held from June 17th to June 22nd. This event will coincide with the annual WHS Reunion, so that fellow alumni gathering from all over the United States will be able to enjoy and celebrate the talent and creativity of Wewoka High School graduates. The reception for the Alumni Art Show will be held on June 22nd from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Welcome to the Museum

The Seminole Nation Museum documents and interprets the history and culture of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and the people and events that make its capital, Wewoka, one of the most historically significant and culturally diverse communities in Oklahoma. Through the use of select artifacts, historic photographs, and interpretive exhibits, the events and stories that shaped the home of the Seminoles for more than a century are chronicled in a captivating, educational, and enlightening experience.

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Museum Announces 2023 Ligon Collections Purchase


Seminole Stomp Dance - 2023- Liogon Endowment


The Seminole Nation Museum is proud to honor Joan Roberts Ligon’s birthday
by announcing its 2023 Joan Roberts Ligon Collection Endowment purchase.

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Honor a loved one by creating an endowment in their name or contributing to the endowment fund. Endowments secure future building expansion and improvements, including increased public spaces; enhanced, modern methods of artifact preservation; and increased professional staffing.

Ways You Can Make a Difference


Donate Funds

Your involvement and support strengthen our ability to provide educational programming, curate and preserve historical artifacts and documents, and fund the many impressive upgrades and renovations to our facility. Please make a contribution to ensure the stories of the people of Wewoka and the Great Seminole Nation are alive for generations to come.


Donate Artifacts

Do you have a piece of Wewoka history stored away in your home? Whether it is a photograph of your family business or a sofke spoon used by your great-grandmother, each artifact is a record of the Seminole Nation and Wewoka. Please consider making a gift to the Museum so that we can showcase your item’s place in Wewoka’s fascinating and unique story.


Become a Volunteer

You can help the Museum by the giving of your time. Assistance is always needed as part of the day-to-day operation of the Museum or with various special exhibits, fundraisers, and educational programs. We have many opportunities for service that fit different schedules. If you’re interested in Wewoka’s fascinating history, help bring it alive by calling us today!

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