Wewoka Community Exhibit

Once a slumbering settlement by a quiet tributary of the Canadian River, the community of Wewoka came to be one of the most storied in Oklahoma history.

Visitors to the Seminole Nation Museum’s Wewoka exhibition can explore the people and events that made Wewoka a microcosm of the western frontier in a wing dedicated to the community’s history.

Daily Life

The exhibit is designed to imitate a small main street and features a home, a school, a lawyer’s office, and other local businesses. Going through the Wewoka Exhibit, you will glimpse life during the great Oil Boom of the 1920s-30s, which caused the town to expand rapidly.

Wewoka Switch Depot

The raucous days of the Oil Boom secured Wewoka’s place in railroad legend. The exhibit explores the great Wewoka Switch Depot and its lasting influence on history.


Wewoka Community